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Proceedure & Pricing

First Meeting
With every portrait I strive to express the fundamental caricature, individual likeness and essential beauty of the person being painted. I work from live sittings and/or from my own digital photographs. The first meeting with my client involves a discussion of overall concept of the portrait with considerations of setting, size, lighting and clothing choices. This also begins the important and exciting process of getting to know the person to be painted.

Scheduled Sitting
During the scheduled sitting of 2 to 4 hours, I will sketch from life and take photographs. After I work with the photos, I will sit with the client to choose which to use as reference. At this time we may schedule an additional sitting for more photos and/or for a color study from life.

Preliminary Sketch
For larger paintings I will create a small preliminary paint sketch in my studio to be used as a basis for the finished painting. This preliminary sketch provides an excellent idea of the composition, and atmosphere of the portrait and will be shown to the client for their approval before beginning the painting.

I work in many layers of pigment. This creates a beautiful quality to the paint, but it  takes time to dry between applications. Please allow 6 months to a year for a painting to be finished after the preliminary sketch is accepted. Once the painting is completed I will send a photographic image for client approval before shipping or delivery.

Quality Guarantee
The highest grade professional materials are used in the creation of the artwork ensuring durability and permanence under proper conditions.

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